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The company is engaged in the field of oil services consulting in the field of research, exploration, extraction of oil and gas industry,
Establishing good business practice with companies and manufacturers in European and American as well as the Far East countries, South Korea and China.
The commercial department capable handling requests of supply and purchase of all the materials and equipment that involved in oil and gas industry with competitive price.

a�? Design, manufacture and installation
of oil tanks of various kinds and sizes
a�? Design, manufacture and installation
of compression Equipment
a�? Installation of oil and gas pipes
a�? Monitoring and Manifold
measurement device
a�? Terminals for Insulation and isolation
of gas
a�? Pumping stations and the water
a�? Supplying all types of valves and
delivery parts
a�? Supply of extinguishing systems
a�? API Storage Tanks
a�? Plant Piping
a�? Equipmenta�?s (Allied and Rotating)
a�? Valves (Motorized and Manual)
a�? Steel Structures