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About Us

MAT Company is regarded in the category of Iraqi contractors. The company has been involved in many projects including the construction of major buildings, infrastructure projects, water and sanitary sewer systems, rain drainage systems, earth drilling, flattening and levelling, concrete and solid structures works, building palaces, schools and villas as well mechanical and electrical works.

MAT is a global supplier of new, refurbished and used heavy machinery for infrastructure construction, mineral extraction projects, quarry, mining and machinery related to the pipeline industry. From single machines to complete fleets, the MAT is able to meet all your heavy machinery requirements, including service, maintenance, spare- and wear parts, training, and consultancy.

Like other emerging constructions companies, MAT Company is benefiting from this economic growth and favourable construction movement. We contribute to moving forward the construction wheel by developing different construction plans and diversification in government and private projects in order to meet local construction market demands.
Furthermore, we provide job opportunities to the youth of the country and building professional cadre in addition to achieving the higher goal of the development plans. This has been our objective since the establishment of the company in Basra region and we have strived to extend our projects to other cities in Iraq.