Safety plan

Nowadays, there is a great focus on safety pro

grams in all institutions & facilities. Many construction companies had recognized that the safety and well being of their workers and personnel deserve to granted top priority.
The Management of (MAT Co.) is committed to the prevention of accidents, equipments and
MAT Co. erial damage, as well as the protection of health and environment by adhering to the following convictions: • Wide-spread awareness of health, safety and environmental programs.
• The implementation of the “On- site safety rules and regulations” as defined and documented in our safety plan.
• Compliance with the safety regulations as stipulated in contracts.

• Reporting and documentation of any accident resulting in personal injury and/or
damage to equipment and MAT Co.erials.

• Monthly reporting on total man-hours versus lost time accidents. A safety plan is prepared accordingly to ensure strict adherence to the contracts as well as fire & safety regulations