Oil and gas sections.

MASAR AL TEEB Co. (MAT Co. CO.) works in Water, Oil
and Gas pipeline projects. The following services included
all mechanical works related to installation and maintenance of machines are the major activities that MAT Co. Co.
can do in Piping Projects: Roadway Crossing, River Crossing, Mobilization, ROW, Transportation, Handling, Hauling,
Stringing of Pipes, Sleepers, Pipe Racks, Trenching, Crossing, lining up and Welding, , heavy and light equipment,
pumps, installation of sewerage networks , cooling systems (HVAC), installing generators, welding with all kinds
and manufacturing Sewerage & Water Metallic melds, Radiographic Inspection, Testing and Commissioning.
For ensuring a quality service to our clients, we have a
team consisting of experienced engineers, Quality Controllers, Supervisors, Welders, Fitters, Safety Officers and
all the resources like Cranes, Excavators, Welding Machine
and all types of calibrated NDT machines.

  1. Piping Works at Basra oil refinery with WASCO as subcontractor. The
    main client is the Ministry of Oil, South
    Oil Company.
  2. EXECUTED Road crossing by
    Boring Machine Method different sizes from 12’’ to up 24’’. The main Client
    is South Oil company, and we work under AHAK Co.
  3. Pipeline Construction at Majnoon Oil Field as subcontractor with
    WASCO Co. The main client is Shell
    SPID Majnoon.
  4. Supply and installation of Fire
    Alarm Control Panel (FACP) with UPS
    supply system and install of smoke
    detectors. The main client is Lukoil in
    West Quarna II and we work as subcontractor with Abraaj Al Rumaila Co.