Project List

NO.Name of ProjectClientBudgetYear
1nstallation and commissioning for line 33KV, substation Al-Towba t
o Al Arab station in Zubair As subcontractor With Alugaen Al Baraq Co.
Basra Government, Basra
2N/A N/A N/A N/A
3 N/A N/A N/A N/A
4Call off Vehicle rent and equipmentINCO$987,542.002015-2016
5Provision of general materials and tools and rent equipment contracts in IPF Hammar MushrefHLG (IPF Hammar Mushref )
Habtoor lighten Group
6Repair & RehabilitationK-44 Bridge as Subcontractor with Nafha Aliman and Flour Co.Exxon Mobil$125,483.002014-2015
7nstallation and commissioning for line 33KV Hammar to Towba & Nekela Station As subcontractor
with Al Aamara Co.
Basra Government, Basra
8Building Upgrade Works (Control SIPD-1011 DS-1
Field Room Telecom 3 nos Substations
Shell Majnoon SPID$105,635.002015-
9Infra structure of chemical mixing factory in north
Almuroje company$359,863.00 2013-2015
10Provision of diesel to grand energyGrand energy$105,634.002014-2015
11provision of materials, printing documents, Stationary and office accessories and tools as sub with BR
12Renting Equipment and Manpower as subconttractor under BR CoWeatherford$106,587.002014-2015
13supplying caravans and building the site of the Chinese company Daqing, Petrojana in South RumailaDaqing Drilling$210,655.002017
14Supplying civil materials, tools, and specialized
materials for the gas isolation project in Hammar Mishrif project for the Al Habtoor Leighton Group
Company (HLG)
HLG(IPF Hammar Mushref )
Habtoor lighten Group
15Supplying machinery, heavy equipment, and cranes specialized in Weatherford, with a contract on Call
Weatherford ( IPF Hammar
Mushref Zubair oil filed)
16Installation of BRC fencing with entry gates for the Al Habtoor CompanyHLG (IPF Hammar Mushref )
Habtoor lighten Group
17Implementing and paving the internal streets of the Hammer Mushrif gas isolation project for the Al
Habtoor Leighton Group Company HLG
HLG (IPF Hammar Mushref )
Habtoor lighten Group
18Executing street paving with interlock earthworks for CPECC in DS6 station, West QurnaIICPECC in DS6 WQII$375,409.842017
19Providing the Tool specialist number for Basrah Gas Company (BGC)Basrah Gas Co. (BGC)$102,868.852017
20Supplying and connecting a storage tank and power adjustment for the Basra Gas CompanyBasrah Gas Co. (BGC)$15,163.932017
21Execution of welding and replacement of valves, flanges and earthworks for the benefit of CPPCPP$204,918.032017
22Implementation of HDPE works and cathodic protection testing for the DS6 isolation plant in West
Qurna II with CPECC Project 130
CPECC IN DS6 WQII$807,377.052017
23quipping the mechanisms of various specializations for the CPECC, and transferring drilling towersCPECC$4,813.242017
24Supplying RO water and production use water in PTF1 for HLG’s Hammar MushrifHLG (IPF Hammar Mushref )
Habtoor lighten Group
25Supplying materials and equipment. Establishing 8 tanks with the Chinese company CPECC for ExxonMobil in DS 8CPECC$2,081,967.212017
26Earthworks with the Chinese company CPP in West Qurna IICPP$216,393.442017
27Supplying foodstuffs and supplies with Exxon Mobil companyExxon Mobil$160,069.672018
28Constructing containers and caravans and constructing the streets of CPECC at the West Qurna IICPECC$152,168.032018
29Concrete installations and civil works for pouring and installing pipelines for the DS6 in West Qurna IICPECC$290,573.772018
30A contract to supply machinery and heavy equipment, CPECCCPECC$1,435,081.972018
31A contract for the implementation of civil and street works with Techno Sport for the South Refineries CompanyTECHNOSPORT$286,885.252018
32A contract for the implementation of the lifting of concrete blocks and the transfer of rubble of the seventh and eighth spaces of the Khalid bin Walid BridgeIndustrial design and rehabilitation Company$204,918.032018
33Construction works of 1500 concrete piles with a diameter of 1 m and a length of 26 m in a water purification plant project in Basra.ndustrial design and rehabilitation Company$1,229,508.202018
34Port Sector Rehabilitation – JICA Loan No. IQ-P20 contract number. IQ-P20 PKG-IC cold storage buildings, yards and stores projectThe General Company for
Ports -JICA Loan
35Designing, equipping and installing Project No.19550/12/10/2017 a secondary transmission power station with GRID solutions SASGRID solution SASGRID solution SAS2019
36Supplying concrete, pre-casting, and pouring pipelinesCPP$57,233.692019
37quipping the mechanisms of various specializations for the Chinese companies, CPECC and transferring drilling towersCPECC$1,188,524.592019
38camp construction consists of 40 caravans containers with all services, with a two story building for the management of Kuwait Energy CompanyKSCC Kuwait engery Co$1,024,590.162019
39Supplying and constructing the internal streets of Kuwait Energy Company with Interlock and pegsKSCC Kuwait engery Co$95,890.002019
40Paving the streets of Al-Ghadeer district is a grant from Kuwait Energy and the Basra Oil CompanyKSCC Kuwait engery Co$85,000.002019
41The project of completing the external evaluation work for the crude oil export pipeline of BazerkanFaw Cathodic Examination, Ministry of Industry,
Engineering Inspection Company (Cathodic Test)
Ministry of Industry, Engineering Inspection$1,386,065.572019
42A contract for the Dhi Qar composite line – Old Nasiriyah, with a completion rate of 100%, and the extension contract for the Ministry of Electricity, General Directorate of South Electricity Transmission,
subcontractor with tameer al istsharia
Ministry of Electricity, General Directorate of South
Electricity Transmission,